Evelots 5456 Mini Pan 10.5" L x 7.5" W x 0.65" H - B01CIVQB42

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  • This non-stick mini donut or bagel baking pan is the perfect addition to your kitchen bakeware. Great for family projects. Baked dough nuts are just as delicious, easier to make and a healthier alternative than fried dough nuts. Makes a total of 6 fresh donuts or bagels per pan, totaling 12 with both pans together. Each individual doughnut measures 2.75"D. Also can be used for making coffee cakes, molded gelatin, and mousse. Made out of durable non-stick carbonized steel that provides even baking. Dishwasher safe! The non-stick surface makes this pan very easy to clean and use. Measures approximately 10 1/2”L by 7 1/2”W by 5/8”H. Comes with 2 donut or bagel baking pans.

    Evelots 5456 Mini Pan 10.5" L x 7.5" W x 0.65" H - B01CIVQB42

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