Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware 5" Square Dish White - B006Y3ZASY

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  • Colors match the rest of your le creuset cookware collection

  • 18oz. capacity

  • Made of durable, high-fired stoneware with glossy enamel glazing

  • Safe in oven, freezer, and microwave; comes in different colors

  • Non-porous construction resists odors, chipping, cracking, and staining

  • Le Creuset Bakeware: Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware 5" Square Dish, White

    From indulgent desserts and hearty casseroles to freshly baked breads and more, Le Creuset's assortment of quality bakeware ensures perfect results from the oven every time.

    Potato Au Gratin

    Le Creuset stoneware dishes are versatile, multi-purpose designs that offer all the even-heating benefits of stoneware in a variety of shapes and capacities to fit nearly any baking, roasting or broiling recipe. Each dish features grooved handles for a sure grip, plus Le Creuset's glazed interior that protects against utensil damage, staining and odor absorption ? making each dependable piece of stoneware easy to use and easy to count on.

    Veggie Au Gratin

    * High-quality exterior enamel protects against metal marks and other damage

    * Hard-wearing, impermeable finish fired at temperatures as high as 2192 degrees F is safe for cutting on with knives

    * Unmatched thermal resistance from -65 degrees F to 500 degrees F ? safe for the freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasher

    * Less than 1% porosity, blocking moisture absorption which can lead to cracking, crazing and rippling along the interior

    * Unique clay mixture that creates a very dense material when fired, maintaining even temperatures and preventing scorching

    * Resistant to staining and flavor/odor absorption

    * A perfectly color-matched palette of bold, consistent tones for easy mixing and matching with other Le Creuset products

    StuffingBrie DipArtichoke


    All items in the Le Creuset stoneware range are original designs and have been hand-crafted, making each piece unique. Due to this uniqueness, there may be slight variations from piece to piece.

    Le Creuset Stoneware is safe for use in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and broiler. The maximum oven-safe temperature is 500 degrees F / 260 ...

    Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware 5" Square Dish White - B006Y3ZASY

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